Broccoli Soup

As the weather turns colder it is an ideal time to get the soup maker out. I’m not a big gadget person, but I do have to say that a soup maker is great. You can just chuck everything in and set it off. No standing watching it boil and standing stirring it. Great time saver!! In just 20 minutes your soup is ready to go and loads left over for another day.

Makes around 4 portions


1 head of broccoli

1 Leek

1 clove of garlic crushed

350g potato chopped

vegetable stock 1 3/4 pints or if you are using a soup maker fill up to the maximum line.

Salt and pepper to season


Cut the broccoli and place in the soup maker.

Slice the leek and add with the broccoli.

Place the potatoes in the soup maker.

Add the crushed garlic.

Make up the vegetable stock using 1 cube and add to the other ingredients.

Finally season with salt and pepper.

Turn on the soup maker and choose smooth or chunky. I prefer smooth, but it’s your choice.

Serve straight away or save for later.

I didn’t intend to match my table mats!!!

Hope you enjoy it. A good way to add some extra vegetables to your diet.

Karen x