Have you Woken Up Feeling Rubbish?

Have you woken up feeling rubbish, like you are running on empty even before the day has properly began.

The connection between diet and health is clear. To function at optimum level you need a complete range of nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibre and water as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals. If your diet lacks any nutrients you will not function at optimum level.

Have a think what did you eat yesterday?

Was the food you consumed low in nutrients?

Did you have a lot of sugar?

How much of your food contained refined carbohydrates?

Before you eat something today think how is going to affect me tomorrow.

Firstly it can help to do a food diary as you don’t always realise just how many sweet treats and snacks you are having in a day and secondly writing it all down can make you think about it more.

You don’t have to have to completly remove a food from your diet as this will probably end up with you craving it more. Just think everything in moderation. I could never give up chocolate, I just don’t eat it every day. Some days just a couple of sqaures of dark chocolate can fix the sweet craving.

Today could be a fresh start for a new you!!! You don’t have to wait until a new week, start today and have a good nutritious day.

This time of year is particulary busy and so much delicious food around, but its not about refusing it all, its eating in moderation.

Have a good day and think about what you eat to avoid the feeling of waking up feeling rubbish.

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