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Hope you have enjoyed your first day of 2021.

We might not be back to having a normal lifestyle yet, but it is about making the best of each day and trying to find something positive.

Being healthy is not about depriving yourself of your favourite foods or following a very strict diet. I certainly don’t live my life like that and I have never have. In fact I am eating a chocolate dessert while typing this. It was left over from last night. Yes some weeks I do gain a few pounds, it is when I have over indulged or not done any exercise. I still never remove my favourite foods from my diet, I just reduce the amount I have.


Many people don’t realise just how much food they eat in a day. It can be a shock when they are asked to complete a food diary. There is no point cheating as you are only cheating yourself. Give it a try write down every single thing you eat and drink in a day.


If you are wanting to lose weight or just want to feel healthier set yourself a goal and then break it down into small manageable goals or you will be put off before you have even properly started. A simple goal to start with could be to add an extra portion of fruit or vegetables to your meals for a week. Aim to have a 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day if you currently don’t have many.


Cut back on your tea and coffee introduce herbal teas and green teas as these can have amazing benefits.


Look at the type of carbohydrates you are eating. Do not remove carbohydrates from your diet. Your body needs them, If you are consuming a lot of white carbohydrates then swap them for brown carbohydrates such as brown pasta, brown bread, brown rice, use wholemeal flour. This is a quick and easy way to help your wellbeing and lose weight.


Increase your water consumption as it is so important for your body. Our brains are capable of telling us when we are hungry, when really we are thirsty. Water is so beneficial for your skin and lots more. I can really tell if I haven’t drunk enough water I get headaches, feel tired and fine lines appear under my eyes. If you are exercising don’t forget to increase your water intake.


Focus on your food, avoid rushing your meals. Eating slowly allows your body to digest the food and this will give the body time to register when it is full and stop you over eating. Think about how you feel after you have eaten, this can encourage you to eat healthier. The more processed and junk food you eat the more tired and sluggish you will feel. Try not to eat when you are bored. When you reach for a bar of chocolate or packet of crisps just think if I am really hungry I would eat an apple. Don’t use huge plates as this as this can make it super easy to overeat or add more vegetables to your plate. Everyone at some point has sweet treats when they are stressed or have a bad day. Yes I am guilty of this, I am only human as long as you recognise how many times you are using food as a comfort and if it is a lot look for other ways to ease stress. Some people exercise, go for walks or clean the house. Try something different.


You can make your own treats. Two of my favourites are flapjacks and energy balls. If you make it yourself you know exactly what has gone in and there isn’t anything hidden so you have control of what is going in your body. If you do buy shop bought treats check the label and have a look how much sugar is in it. More than 15g per 100g is classed as high sugar content.


Preparation is the key to success when you are trying to lose weight or be healthy. If you prepare your food you are less likely to skip meals or grab a takeaway or eat processed food. Plan your meals and do a shopping list before you go shopping, This also helps you to speed up your shopping. Always have spices and herbs in as they can liven up any dish.


Exercise plays an important part in your health and wellbeing. You need to find something you enjoy or it will become a chore. It is far better if you enjoy it. Once we reach 40 years of age we start to lose muscle mass and it leads to a slower metabolism. You can build muscle mass by doing strength training exercise. A big advantage to weight training is your body’s ability to burn fat during and after exercise. You don’t have to go to a gym to exercise. I do all of mine at home, I do hula hooping, yoga, cycling and walking. If you are busy like most people are these days break it down into small sections. I do 10 minutes of hula hooping in a morning. It will soon add up if you do 10 minute bursts or do star jumps while waiting for the kettle to boil or jogging on the spot during adverts in your programme. Exercise is a great way to manage stress.


Depriving your body of sleep can speed up the ageing process and deter your weight loss efforts. Lack of sleep can affect your diet as you can crave carbohydrates when you are tired. Aim for 6-8 hours if you can this allows your body to restore and to protect vital organ functions. If you struggle to sleep try a meditation app or CD they really do help you get to sleep.

Like I always recommend make small changes so you are not overwhelmed. Start with a food diary initially just to see where you could begin to make small changes.

Have a nice evening.

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