Do You Get Those Annoying Cracks In The Corner Of Your Mouth?

Those annoying Cracks and sores in the corner of your mouth can be a sign that you are deficient in vitamin B2.

Other symptoms of vitamin B2 deficiency can include the following:

Inflamed tongue and lips.

Bloodshot eyes, tired eyes or the feeling of grit under your eyelids.

Scaling skin around the face.

Oily hair or hair loss.

Sluggishness, dizziness and insomnia.

Causes Of Deficiency:

Poor dietary habits.


Contraceptive pill


Main Food Sources Include:

Milk and milk products

Yeast extract


Organ meats







Brewers yeast

So if you are suffering from those annoying sores and cracks in the corner of your mouth or any other symptoms then it could be of benefit for you to take a look at your dietary habits. Do a food diary and see if you are consuming any foods that contain any vitamin B2 and if not look at ways to include them in your diet.

Karen X

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